Новая музыка. Alphaville. Afternoons In Utopia

Alphaville — немецкая синтипоп-группа, имевшая большую популярность в середине 1980-х годов. Образовалась в 1982 году, её основателями являются Мариан Голд (настоящее имя Хартвиг Ширбаум; род. 26 мая 1954), Бернхард Ллойд (настоящее имя Бернхард Госслинг; род. 6 июня 1960) и Франк Мертенс (настоящее имя Франк Соргац; род. 26 октября 1961). Коллектив первоначально назывался Forever Young, но позднее сменил название на Alphaville. Группа получила мировую известность благодаря двум хитам — «Big In Japan» и «Forever Young», вышедшим в 1984 году. 

Название: Afternoons In Utopia

Исполнитель: Alphaville

Лейбл: Warner

Страна: EU

Год: 1986

Год выпуска: 2021

Стиль: Disco / Pop Electronic


While the gatefold vinyl edition offers just the remastered album, it’s worth pointing out that this does come with a 24-page large format booklet. This features archive photos and a new interview with Bernhard Lloyd and producer Peter Walsh.

The band’s third studio album, The Breathtaking Blue was co-produced by Klaus Schulze (briefly a member of Tangerine Dream in the late 1960s) and released in 1989. It features the singles ‘Romeos’, ‘Summer Rain’ and ‘Mysteries of Love’.

Rather like Eurythmics’ 1987 album Savage, Alphaville produced a video album, Songlines, which saw them commission short films from nine directors for each of the album tracks. The video for the song ‘Middle of the Riddle’ actually won an Oscar (!) for Best Animated Short Film in 1990 (it was renamed as ‘Balance’). Unlike Eurythmics, Alphaville have included this longform video as part of the album reissue. Even better, it was shot on 35mm film, so it now looks fantastic. The audio for the film is remastered as well, with the correct edits (where used) in place. Songlines has only ever been available commercially in Germany, on VHS or laserdisc.

This means that the deluxe CD edition for The Breathtaking Blue is a 2CD+DVD set, with disc two featuring remixes, B-sides and demos and the third disc features the Songlines film. As a bonus the DVD also includes the CD-Graphics which came with the original CD (The Breathtaking Blue was one of the first albums to include this on CD).

Vinyl fans don’t miss out on the visuals, since the remastered vinyl version of The Breathtaking Blue comes with the DVD as well. Like Afternoons in Utopia, the vinyl is a gatefold and comes with a large format 24-page booklet. Both vinyl reissues are 180g pressings.

The Afternoons in Utopia and The Breathtaking Blue reissues will be released on 7 May 2021, via Rhino. Now’s a good to remind you that the SDE shop has a few remaining copies of Forever Young on limited edition orange vinyl.


Afternoons in Utopia 2CD deluxe


1. IAO – 2021 Remaster

 2. Fantastic Dream – 2021 Remaster

 3. Jerusalem – 2021 Remaster

 4. Dance With Me – 2021 Remaster

 5. Afternoons In Utopia – 2021 Remaster

 6. Sensations – 2021 Remaster

 7. 20th Century – 2021 Remaster

 8. The Voyager – 2021 Remaster

 9. Carol Masters – 2021 Remaster

 10. Universal Daddy – 2021 Remaster

 11. Lassie Come Home – 2021 Remaster

 12. Red Rose – 2021 Remaster

 13. Lady Bright – 2021 Remaster


1. Dance With Me – Empire Remix; 2021 Remaster

 2. Universal Daddy – Aquarian Dance Mix; 2021 Remaster

 3. Jerusalem – The Palace Version; 2021 Remaster

 4. Sensations – Club Mix; 2021 Remaster

 5. Red Rose – The Remix; 2021 Remaster

 6. The Nelson Highrise (Sector 2: The Mirror); 2021 Remaster

 7. Next Generation – 2021 Remaster

 8. Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers incl. The Nelson Highrise (Sector 3: The Garage); 2021 Remaster

 9. Big Yello Sun (Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films I); 2021 Remaster

 10.Red Rose – 7“ Remix; 2021 Remaster

 11. Sensations – 7“ Remix; 2021 Remaster

 12. Carol Masters – Original Demo; 2021 Remaster

 13. Lassie Come Home – Original Demo; 2021 Remaster

 14. Dance With Me – unplugged – Live in Salt Lake City 1999; 2021 Remaster

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