Queen. Sweet Lady

"Sweet Lady" - песня британской рок-группы Queen, написанная гитаристом Queen Брайаном Мэем.

"Sweet Lady" is a distortion-driven fast rocker written by May. The song is an unusual rock style in 3/4 meter (which gives way to 4/4 at the bridge). According to an online source, Roger Taylor once said that because of its unusual time signature, "Sweet Lady" was the hardest song for him to play live on the drums.The backing track was probably recorded live, as one can hear the wires on the snare drum of Taylor's kit vibrating along with John Deacon's bass guitar riff. 

Brian May — “Sweet Lady” musically came from a riff and I was fascinated with the idea of a heavy riff in 3/4 time rather than 4/4. Because 3/4 is the time of the waltz, traditionally it’s a very gentle sound. People used to dance it and whatever. So the fact that I could find this riff in 3/4 which seemed to have an urgency and heaviness to it was a fascinating thing for me. And I think in your head, you kind of refuse to hear it in 3/4, which is why it’s still powerful I think. Well it’s my theory anyway. And lyrically, as a lot of my stuff it’s about relationships and what I saw in my own relationships and the relationships of people around me which I still really feel is the fundamental building material of our lives. I’m not very good on politics on a grand scale but i’m intrigued by what happens one to one between people. I think some of those are the strongest forces in our lives and so that’s what the song’s about.

Roger Taylor — There's an old song called "Sweet Lady", which Brian wrote, on A Night At The Opera, and he was saying, 'I want it to go like this,' and he wanted it to do three different things at once and that was a bit hard to understand.

Несколько исторических слов о записи песни:

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